I want to welcome you 9th grade Health Education. This is a course that you are required to pass to graduate and to choose other elective classes. I am looking forward to a fun, successful semester. A student’s health grade will be based on class attendance, participation, cooperation, journal writing, reading assignments, group activities and assessments, in-class assignments, quizzes, unit tests, projects, and a comprehensive final at the end of the semester.
    Tips & Expectations for Success in Health Class
    ? Be on time every day, prepared with completed assignments, and ready to work and actively participate.
    ? Turn in all assignments in on time. 10% of your total points are taken away each day an assignment is late.
    ? Save all notes and work for the final exam ( I require a note book just for health)
    ? Stay organized!!!
    ? Inappropriate use of electronic devices will not be tolerated! Disciplinary referrals will be made.
    ? Absolutely NO energy drinks or soda of any kind will be allowed in class at anytime. Water ONLY! 
    Students will need 1 notebook and 1 two-pocket folder that will stay in the Health classroom for organization.