U.S. History Syllabus


    U.S. History


     Jim McNeese

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    Course Goal

    The goal of this course is to provide the students with a basic knowledge of United States History. The course will also provide students with the knowledge of how events in the past influence modern society. The course will explore the foundations of the United States democracy, individual rights and responsibilities of its citizens. In summary, the goal of this course is to provide the student with a framework to be a responsible citizen and voter in the United States.

    Historical Thinking

    This school year the course will be based on two elements, the state standards and Historical Thinking. We will utilize an inquiry-based learning module while investigating and exploring primary sources. The main focus question will be “What do historians do?”

    State Standards, Units and Topics to be covered

    Strand 1 American History

    Concept 1 Research Skills for History

    Concept 2 Early Civilization Pre-Columbian to 1500s

    Concept 3 Exploration & Colonization 1500s-1700s

    Concept 4 Revolution & New Nations 1700s-1820s

    Concept 5 Western Expansion 1800-1860

    Concept 6 Civil War & Reconstruction 1860-1877

    Concept 7 Emergence of Modern US 1875-1829

    Concept 8 Great Depression and WWII 1929-1945

    Concept 9 Postwar US 1945-1970s

    Classroom Expectations, Materials & Rules





    Be Prepared


    Materials Needed

    Ipads or computers


    Pencil or pen


    Class Rules

    Appropriate Language

    Ask to leave room and take pass

    Digital Etiquette

    Follow School and District policy

    No food in Classroom

    Drinks must have secure lid


    Attendance & Tardiness

    The class will follow the current school attendance policy.

    Attendance is taken within the first 10 minutes of class. If the student is not in the room when the bell rings attendance will be recorded. If the student shows up to class within the first 10 minutes a mark will be changed to a tardy.

    It is the Parent/Guardian’s responsibility to excuse attendance marks based on school policy. Please review this information in the student handbook with your student.


    If a student has an excused absence they are allowed to makeup all work missed. Students who are not able to be in class on a particular day will still have access to the assignments via canvas.  Please speak with me on missed assignments, my job is to help you be successful in class, the students need to communicate with any troubles they are having with the coursework.


    Grades, Assignments, Homework


    Assignments consist of in-class work and homework. In-classwork consists of exams, quizzes, projects, primary source analysis and group work.

    Homework will consist of bookwork, vocabulary, lecture Cornell Notes. There will be 2-3 homework assignments a week.

    All work has a deadline. Any work handed in late without a previous discussion with the instructory will have points deducted. If the assignment is not turned-in a 0 will be entered into the grade book, until student speaks with me about making up the work.

    All assignments will be placed in one category.

    Achievement will be 100% of your grade this includes.  Tests, Exams, Performance activities and Quizzes. 

    Their will be point totals placed in the practice category but they will not be part of the grading criteria


    Semester Final is worth 15% of the overall grade. The Semester Final Consist of a district approved exam.