This is a year-long course open to students who have successfully completed one year in the Concert Band or auditioned and were placed in this ensemble by the director. The Symphonic Band will perform at 4 concerts (one at the end of each grading period) and will perform a variety of music in several different styles. Symphonic Band will also participate in 3 to 5 off-campus events during the school year (see calendar for details). Furthermore, students will continue to improve their skills in the areas of performance, music reading, music vocabulary, and music theory.  As participants in a band, students can also expect to improve in the areas of self-confidence, fine motor coordination, self-discipline, and cooperation/teamwork.  By enrolling in this course, the student is obligated to participate in the 4 scheduled concerts and practice at least 2 hour per week.  While the non-concert events are not mandatory, it is expected that all Symphonic Band students will make every effort to participate in every event the group attends.  If a conflict exists for any of these events,please contact Mr. McKay as soon as you become aware of the scheduling issue.

    Students playing a wind instrument should purchase a metronome/tuner (I recommend the Korg TM40). This device will greatly enhance the effectiveness and enjoyment of the individual practice experience at home.

    Please refer to the MEMS Band and Choir Handbook for further information on concert attire, grades, and other important details.