• Class Syllabus for Sixth Grade Science

    Sinagua Middle School   2014-2015


    Champions of Literacy and Leadership



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    Course Objectives 

    The main objective of this course is to introduce students to the basic elements of a variety of sciences and help them become college and career ready by preparing them to read, write, think, and communicate as scientists.  Students will be exposed to increasingly complex informational texts in order to meet the current Arizona’s Common Core Standards for sixth grade.    


    Course Description

     In physical science, sixth grade students will learn about energy transformations, ways electrical energy is generated, and how heat energy is transferred. In earth and space science, students will learn about the interactions between the Earth’s atmosphere and bodies of water and about factors which affect a location’s climate. In life science, students will learn about the relationships between the structure and function of plant and animal cells, as well as plant and animal systems. Additionally, students will analyze relationships among organisms and their environment. For more detailed information about the sixth grade science standards, please see the following document: http://www.ade.az.gov/standards/science/grade6.pdf.





    Characteristics of a Leader

    Students are able to:

    ·         talk in a way that is positive and helpful

    ·         move in a way that is controlled and purposeful

    ·         think in ways that are appropriate and responsible

    ·         feel the importance of  self and others

    ·         lead themselves and others in a positive direction


    Class Participation

    Students are expected to:

    ·         participate in classroom discussions and activities

    ·         do classroom activities and homework assignments completely

    ·         work with peers and adults appropriately and respectfully

    ·         conduct themselves as leaders

    ·         communicate their own needs to ensure success in school



    Students should expect homework in Science two to three days a week.  Due to the nature of science inquiry, labs and investigations will be conducted during class time.  Homework assignments will emphasize reading and writing related to the inquiry focus.  Generally, homework will be due the next day.  Students who choose not to complete assignments will have their agenda stamped and be assigned E.T.L. 


    Grading  Guidelines

    The F.U.S.D.  common grade book system assigns the following percentages: 

    ·         20% of the  grade is based on practice (homework, class work, quizzes)

    ·         20% of the grade is based on performance (projects, demonstrations, presentations)

    ·         60% of the grade is based on measurement (6th grade common assessment, and all tests)

    Note:  10% penalty for late work – only accepted through Monday of the following week.


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