• August 7, 2014


    Hello Parents and Sixth Graders!

    Sixth grade House 2 welcomes you to a new and exciting year at Sinagua Middle School! Mrs. Cake is teaching Math; Mrs. Campbell is teaching English; Mrs. Lucky is teaching Social Studies; and Mr. Laird is teaching Science. Our house will be joined this year by Special Education teacher Carole Schupak. We are all excited and looking forward to working with all of you! Please stop by and say hello when you have a chance.  If you have a desire to help in the classroom,we welcome your PARTICIPATION!


    Each teacher has a unique style and personality;however, the classroom expectations are consistent.  We will emphasize EFFORT, RESPONSIBILITY, and RESPECT throughout the year.  We are here to support you and help make this year memorable and SUCCESSFUL!


    Expectations and Guidelines

    1. Bullying and sexual harassment will not be tolerated:
      • Keep your hands to yourself – don’t mess with other people or their stuff.
      • Speak to students and teachers respectfully and appropriately (use of the words: Stupid, Shut-up, and Sucks is not permitted and will result in the loss of a Mustang Buck).
      • Treat others as you want to be treated.


    1. Listen and pay attention.


    1. Speak quietly when working with others.


    1. Follow directions.


    1. Be responsible for yourself – no excuses!


    1. Be willing to: work together, cooperate, be patient, support others, and try new things.


    1. Raise your hand to share your ideas, or if you need to get out of your seat.


    1. Gum is not permitted.


    Knowing the expected behaviors and following the guidelines will guarantee that all students have the opportunity to do their best and have a successful year!



    Students should follow the behavior plan outlined above. If a student fails to follow these guidelines, the following steps will be taken:


    Lose one Mustang Buck:           Warning– change behavior.

    Lose two Mustang Bucks:          RTR (Responsible Thinking Room) referral

    If a student demonstrates continuous disruptive behavior, teachers will contact parents to schedule a conference.




    Mustang Bucks


    How do I get Mustang Bucks?

    On Friday, students will receive two Mustang Bucks for every day they attended class for the week. They will be responsible fort hose bucks (just like “real” money).  Students will be given an envelope or pocket to keep them in, or they may have a better place.  The bucks will go with them to each class every day.


    How do I keep my MustangBucks?

    Teachers, partnership students, and substitute teachers will be looking for excellent behavior choices in class.  Students will keep their Mustang Bucks by: demonstrating appropriate classroom etiquette, good leadership, following directions, and listening.  However, students making disruptive or disrespectful behavior choices can expect to lose Mustang Bucks (as outlined earlier in the consequences section of the letter).


    What good are my MustangBucks?

    Mustang Bucks have power.  Students can use their savings to buy neat stuff (food items, books, hacky sacks, notebooks, pencils, and who knows what other neat stuff) at stores, auctions, and other fun activities – right here at school!


    Can I ever earn more than 10Mustang Bucks?

    You never know when teachers might hand out a bonus buck or a super bonus buck.  You can earn these by: making excellent choices, turning homework in consistently, showing great leadership, and choosing a responsible way to use your time when all your work is finished.


    What if…


    I make too many poor choices and run out of bucks?

    Students lose privileges and increase chances of parent phone call, parent-teacher-student conference, and referral to school administrators. 


    I lose or don’t have my MustangBucks?

    Being responsible is an important thing in life!   Treat them like you would “real money”.  They have buying power!  If students lose or don’t have their bucks:

    ·      They may be at risk of missing Mustang Buck reward days (see below),

    ·      They may miss stores and auctions,

    ·      They may earn ETL for coming to class without their bucks (not prepared for class).


    Someone “steals” my Mustang Bucks?

    Be responsible – if bucks are kept in a safe place, they will be secure.


    Mustang Buck Reward Days


    At the end of each quarter, we recognize positive behavior and academic achievement.  Three times this year we will go off campus and spend part of the day celebrating with a Mustang Buck Reward Day.  In the past, we have gone skating, bowling, to the movies, and to the Aquaplex.  Students earn the trip by:

    ·      demonstrating positive leadership (losing 18 or fewer Mustang Bucks in the quarter)

    ·      earning a grade of “C” or above in all subjects



    Homework Information



    Parents can access their student’s assignments and grades on-line via ParentVue.  If you are interested in setting up an account, contact the school office.

    Parents Can Help!

    You can help your student develop responsibility for their homework in the following ways:

    1. Ensure that homework gets done every night.  Students will generally have homework every night of the week except Friday.  Homework is due the following school day and is collected in folders at the beginning of each class.
    2. Sinagua Middle School is providing students with an agenda.  It is the student’s responsibility to write in all homework assignments and ongoing projects every day.
    3. We hope your student will get all assignments turned in on time.  Missing assignments will result in a stamp in the agenda.  This stamp indicates that the student has a missing assignment and must attend ETL from 2:30 to 4:00 that day.


    Work turned in late will be penalized and the highest grade given will be a 50% and will only be accepted through Monday of the following week, then no credit (zero points) will be earned.


    1. Each Friday, every students’ agenda will be stamped with a “Friday stamp” showing: subjects in which students have missing assignments, behavior for the week, and a cumulative total of the number of Mustang Bucks the student has lost during the current quarter. The Friday section of the agenda must be signed) by a parent or guardian.  Teachers will check for signatures on Monday.  Students whose agendas are not signed must attend ETL from 2:30 to 4:00 that day.


    1. Absences mean a student has a responsibility to get missed assignments from all

    teachers the day she/he returns to school.


    6.   Students may check on their current progress and identify missing assignments through StudentVue.  It is every student’s responsibility to check StudentVue on a regular basis. 


    Math Tutoring and Homework Help

    Success in School is an opportunity for 6th grade students to stay after school and receive additional instruction in academic areas.  Success in School will be available Mondays and Tuesdays from 2:30 - 4:00.  During this time, participants may attend Math Tutoring for additional math assistance.  In addition, students may attend a Homework Help session to work on homework and receive teacher help in other subject areas.  Participants will need to take the activity bus or make transportation arrangements.













    Please remove this page only and return it to school.


    Your signature below will verify that you have seen our welcome letter and have read the information about: expectations and guidelines, consequences, and the Mustang Buck system and reward days.




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    Parent Signature                                                                                 Date





    Movie Permission


    Throughout the year, there are movies shown that are related to particular content areas. Occasionally, movies are earned to celebrate good behavior choices.  Rather than send a permission slip every time, we’re asking parents to sign below giving consent for their child to view G and carefully selected PG rated movies at school.



    Student Name




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    Parent Signature                                                                                 Date



    Thank you for your support.  We are looking forward to a great 6thgrade year!


    Mrs. Cake             tcake@fusd1.org

    Mrs. Campbell     bcampbell@fusd1.org

    Mrs. Luckey         jluckey@fusd1.org

    Mr. Laird              mlaird@fusd1.org

    Ms. Schupak         cschupak@fusd1.org