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    Name: Craig Howdeshell

    Title: Career and Technical Education Engineering Teacher

    Phone: 928-773-8200 ext 6434

    Email: chowdeshell@fusd1.org



    Hello and welcome!


    My name is Craig Howdeshell


    A few things about me:

    I am originally from St. Louis, Mo

    I served in the USAF for 10 years and I have traveled all over the world.

    usaf   rank

    While in the Air Force I worked on the ejection seats of fighters and bombers. I had the privileged to work on the F15, F16, A10, B1B, F4, and F111 aircraft. Because I worked on ejection seats that have rockets on them I worked with a lot of explosives and was responsible for the lives of the pilots (you could say it was rocket science) .

    I also worked in US Space Command as a Space Satellite System Supervisor. Being part of the Defense Support Program,my duties involved using and managing missile warning satellites, some of my studies included  orbital mechanics, launch and recovery systems of rockets and rentry vehicles, Below yoiu will see a  pictures of the DSP satellites and the 2nd Space Warining Squadren patch of  my squadron. 

    DSP   2SWS

    After leaving the Air Force, I worked as an engineer for Lucent Technologies for 2 years.


    After moving back to Arizona I served as aCorrectional Officer  and a  Peace Officer for the state of Arizona.

    I left the Law Enforcement field and found the education field.
     Peace Officer
    I am a Highly Qualified CTE teacher with qualifications in Business and Marketing and Industrial Technologies and Emerging Technologies.

    I teach engineering here at CHS and work in the Career and Technical Education Department.

    I am excited to be here and be working with all of the great students at Coconino High School. If you have any questions, concerns and/or need to contact me for other reasons please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


    Thank you,

    Craig Howdeshell