• Class Syllabus Sixth Grade English

    Class Syllabus for Sixth Grade English

    Sinagua Middle School 2017-2018


    Champions of Literacy and Leadership



    Mrs. Morgan  hmorgan1@fusd1.org Ms. Schupak: cschupak@fusd1.org

    Mrs. Hammond: jhammond@fusd1.org

    Mrs. Campbell: bcampbell@fusd1.org


    Course Objectives:

    The main objective of this course is to prepare students to become college and career ready by preparing them to read, write, and communicate at or above grade level. Students will be exposed to increasingly complex texts in order to meet the current Arizona’s Common Core Standards for sixth grade. As part of our district objectives, students will participate in the reading and in-depth study of the novel Touching Spirit Bear, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, & Among the Hidden.


    Characteristics of Literacy:

    Students are able to:  

    • build extensive vocabulary through reading and studying complex text  
    • read and write complex text  comprehend and compose literary and expository text at or above grade level  
    • determine or create main idea or theme when reading and writing
    • identify concrete evidence and details from the text  
    • take part in rich, structured conversations in a variety of classroom settings  
    • have a firm control over the conventions of standard English


    For a comprehensive look at Arizona’s English/Language Arts Common Core Standards for sixth grade, go to www.azed.gov.


    Supply List:

      • 2 Composition notebooks  
      • Box of tissues
      • Pack of Color Pencils
      • Colored Printer paper (green, red, yellow, blue, purple, orange & bright pink to be stored in classroom)
      • Pencils/pens (blue or black)
      • 4 Scotch tapes (double sided preferred)  (1 per quarter)---To be stored in classroom


    • Highlighters (pink, yellow & green)
    • Scissors (put your name on them)




    Characteristics of a Leader:

    Students are able to:

    • talk in a way that is positive and helpful  
    • move in a way that is controlled and purposeful  
    • think in ways that are appropriate and responsible  
    • feel the importance of self and others  
    • lead themselves and others in a positive direction


    Class Participation:

    Students are expected to:  

    • participate in classroom discussions and activities
    • do classroom activities and homework assignments completely by the due date or attend ETL after school to get the work done  
    • work with peers and adults appropriately and respectfully  
    • conduct themselves as leaders  
    • communicate their own needs to ensure success in school
    • check StudentVue and record grades weekly in Agendas
    • agendas must be signed by a Parent or Guardian every Friday



    Students should expect homework in English every night. There will be an emphasis on reading and writing both literary and informational text. Generally homework will be due the next day. Students who choose not to complete assignments will have their agenda stamped and be assigned TLC.   All students should have school-appropriate, independent reading materials with them at all times. These can be either print or electronic. (novels, non-fiction books, magazines, Nooks, Kindles, newspapers, etc.)


    Grading Guidelines

    The F.U.S.D. common grade book system assigns the following percentages:  

    • 20% of the grade is based on practice (homework, class work, quizzes)  
    • 80% of the grade is based on measurement (projects, demonstrations, presentations), (6th grade common assessment, and all tests)  Use ParentVue to see your child’s grades online. Call school for a login #.


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