• Here is a link to all of the vocabulary that students have been working on:
    Academic vocabulary

    Infer - Conclude, guess, or speculate.

    Logic - a particular method of reasoning.

    Assume - To take for granted or without proof.

    Deduce - To come to a conclusion from something that you know or can assume.

    Arrogant - Describes claims that are made about being superior or overly proud. 

    Literal - Actual, true to fact, or not exaggerated

    Figurative - Not a fact (like a metaphor)

    Annotate - To make critical notes, and to comment upon notes

    Procrastinate - To delay or put off action until another day or time

    Consequence - The result or outcome of something that occurred earlier

    Valid - sound, just, well-founded

    Procure - to obtain or get by special effort

    Dominant- main, major

    Anonymous - of unknown name or acknowledgment

    Commentary - a series of comments or explanations

    Speak Vocabulary

    Abysmal - resembling an abyss in depth; so deep as to be unmeasurable.

    Baffle - to confuse, bewilder, or perplex

    Conundrum - anything that is puzzling

      Dormant - temporarily inactive

    Illegible - impossible or hard to read or decipher because of poor handwriting

    Loathsome - causing feelings of disgust or revulsion

    Eloquent - expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively.

    Errant - straying from the right course or from accepted standards

    Inconspicuous - not prominent or readily noticeable

    Bleak - offering little or no hope.

    Interim - the time between one event, process, or period and another

    Mayhem - violent and needless disturbance

    Xenophobic - having abnormal fear or hatred of the strange or foreign

    Patriarch - the male head of family or tribe

    Intolerant - unwilling to tolerate difference of opinion

    Incompetence - lack of physical or intellectual ability or qualifications

    Harried - troubled persistently especially with petty annoyances

    Demure - affectedly modest or shy especially in a playful or provocative way

    Demented - affected with madness or insanity

    Obscene - offensive to the mind

    Romeo & Juliet vocabulary

    Elated adj: extremely happy

    Obsequies n: funeral rights (teach with Romeo & Juliet, Act 4)

    Penury n.: extreme poverty (teach with Romeo & Juliet, Act 5)

    Charisma n.: personal appeal or attraction; magnetism

    Elite n.: the choice members or best of a group

    Elude v.: 1) to avoid or escape by speed or cleverness 2) to escape the understanding or appreciation of

    Demise n.: death; a ceasing to exist

    Mesmerize v.: to hypnotize

    Futile adj: pointless; hopeless

    Obtrude v: to intrude without request or permission

    TKAM vocabulary
    List 1:

    Ambled – to walk at a slow, leisurely pace

    Assuaged – to lesson or to calm

    Bibliophile – a lover of books

    Gratify – to please

    Impudent – to be shamelessly bold (as if you don’t care what anyone thinks about you)

    Malevolent - evil

    Pacify – to cause (someone who is angry or upset) to become calm or quiet

    List 2:

    Antiquated – Old or outdated

    Belated – delayed

    Feeble – Lacking strength or indicating weakness

    Taciturn – almost always silent

    Unsullied – basically untouched or unused

    Vapid – boring or uninteresting

    Pensive – Dreamily thoughtful

    List 3

    Amiable - friendly; sociable; having a pleasant manner

    Demented – mentally ill; insane

    Diminutive – small; little; tiny; unusually small

    Fractious – unruly; irritable; quarrelsome; bad tempered

    Gist – the main substance or an idea or speech

    Umbrage – having resentment from being insulted

    Unfathomable – difficult to understand

    List 4

    Ambidextrous – equally skillful with either hand

    Contentious – causing or being involved in an argument

    Epigram – a witty saying expressing a single thought or observation

    Licentious – morally unrestrained

    Palliation – the use of something to ease one’s guilt

    Perplexity – the state of being confused or puzzled

    List 5

    Advocate – to publicly recommend or support

    Anthropomorphic – having human characteristics

    Beneficiary – 1. A person or group that receives benefits 2. A person who receives money or property from a will or insurance policy

    Desolate – a place that is barren or has no inhabitants

    Immaculate - 1. Perfectly clean or spotless 2. Without flaws or mistakes

    Obstreperous – unruly; disorderly; abusive

    Perpetual – never ending or changing

    List 6

    Caricature – a portrayal or a person or thing that exaggerates important characteristics as to make them appear ridiculous

    Fallible - capable of making mistakes or being wrong

    Flagrant - glaringly bad; outrageous

    Genesis – beginning; origin

    Neophyte – a beginner