• Sinagua Middle School Security Updates

    1.  Faculty & Staff are REQUIRED to have personalized keycard displayed on a lanyard as a form of identification at all times.  

    2.   Students are required to have their IDs properly displayed around their neck on the school provided lanyard.

    3.  All visitors entering SMS are required to go through the front office and sign in at the front office. All visitors in the building should have signed-in in the  office and affixed a ‘visitor’ sticker to their shirt.

    4.  If you observe someone in the building who you do not recognize, who is not wearing one of these badges, please confront them and ask them of their business on our campus and explain to them our need to have all visitors check in at the office prior to entering our halls. I realize this can be awkward. But  it’s absolutely necessary. All substitute teachers will also have identification to be on campus.

    5. Classroom doors should typically remain open during the school day unless you are involved in a louder-than-normal activity which may become a disruption to your neighbors. However, the knob must be LOCKED AT ALL TIMES in order to be pulled shut and secured immediately during a lockdown.

    6. Exterior doors should NEVER be propped. If you see any object in a door, please do not deliberate, just remove it. All exterior doors, with the exception of the front doors, will remain closed and locked from the outside during the school day. There is NEVER a valid reason to disregard this directive; unsecured  exterior doors expose the entire building to risk.