• Syllabus

    8th Grade Social Studies Syllabus

    Instructor:  K. Haynes

    Main Purpose of this course is to instruct students on the inquiry method of studying this discipline. Students will be given a historical question, find and analyzing evidence to present a valid argument.


    August: Historical Skills, National History Day theme, American Revolution,       and Government.

     September/November: Continue on American Revolution and Government, National History day investigation (project due end of Nov) Honors will read A Break with Charity, by Ann Rinaldi in the 2 weeks of Sept.  (End of Unit One)

    November:  Economics

    December: Economics (end of Unit 2) National History Day at SMS

    January:  World War 2

    February: World War 2 (End of Unit 3), Honors will read Maus, by Art Spiegelman

    March: Rise of Communism, Cold War, Korea and Vietnam.

    April: Rise of Communism, Cold War, Korea and Vietnam (End of Unit 4)

    May: The Civil rights Movement (Honors will read Warriors Don’t Cry, by Melba Pattillo Beals.

                *Above subject to change

    Materials:  Something to write with. Flash Drive, Colored Pencils, One Box of tissue, Headphones, 100 pg. notebook of paper and optional a ream of paper and hand sanitizer.

    Expectations:  Follow all school rules, sign out and in to go the bathroom, respect others and their property. After a unit is over and we have moved on no late work will be graded. Late work can be reduced 50% in points if I see fit.  You cannot pass the 1st semester if you do not complete a NHD project. Follow the HCA matrix of behavior.


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