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    Language Arts

    Room 508 

    Welcome to Mr. Rhode’s Language Arts class!  This syllabus is to inform the student and parent/guardian of the guidelines expected in class.  It must be signed and returned by both within the first week of school. 


    In Language Arts, we will be exploring reading and writing through the use of the literature book and student writing creations.  The assignments will be given in class and are also viewable at:  fusd1.org, Parent or Student Vue.  Please refer to the gradebook for assignments.  If absent, a student will have two days to turn in assignments for every day missed.  Exceptions can be made for those who have pre-existing travel plans/appointments.   Students that have a D or F in class will be expected to attend tutoring until the grade is at a C or higher.  The English tutoring schedule will be on the weekly call, daily announcements, and posted in the English classrooms.


    Assignments/notetaking/Quizzes/Tests/Projects:  The majority of the classroom activities with be in Google classroom.  Students will have an opportunity to get set up with Google classroom and passwords in class before first assignment.  In the event of no internet at home, students can access Google classroom before, after school, during lunch in the library and during tutoring.  Most activities are designed so be completed in the classroom.  Please remember passwords.


    Supplies:  Students will need to have pens or pencils every day.  I encourage students to have spares with them at all times.  A folder will be needed to keep worksheets and assignments as well as a notebook or loose leaf paper for note-taking. Please keep notes/notebooks separate from other classes for organizational purposes.  Personal packets of Kleenex is also encouraged.  The book read in class with be “The Hunger Games.”


    Behavior:  Students are expected to be focused on the task at hand and model appropriate behavior at all times.  Students are expected to follow the “Think/Act/Be a Leader Model” while at SMS.  Student disruptions will be handled by Mr. Rhode and parents will be informed of misbehavior.  In the event of a serious situation, SMS administration will be contacted to handle student discipline.


    During the school year, movies will be shown to enhance the current lesson. Most of these movies are PG or PG-13.   The parent signature below will allow the student to view these movies.

    By signing below, the student and parent agree to the terms of the syllabus.


    Student name and signature ____________________________________________________________



    Parent/guardian name and signature ____________________________________________________


    A.   Semester Grading - Set by district administration

    Measurement and Performance - tests and projects are worth 100% of the class grade
    Practice – homework, class work and quizzes are worth 0% of the class grade

    B.   Standards Based Grading Scale

    4 = Exceeding—Complete understanding of the standard and can teach/apply it
    3 = Proficient –Complete understanding of the standard
    2 = Progressing—Still working on full understanding of the standard
    1 = Minimally Proficient—Struggling with understanding of the standard
    IE = Insufficient Evidence—Not enough data to show understanding of the standard