• Welcome to Mr. Krassner's AP Environmental Science page
    AP Environmental Science (APES) allows students to pursue college level studies while still in high school. AP courses are modeled upon comparable college courses and concludes with a college level assessment developed and scored by college and university faculty as well as experienced AP teachers. Performing well on an AP exam is an indicator of greater success in college.
    We will be using the following textbook for APES:
    Environment: The Science Behind the Stories (Second Edition)
    Jay Withgott & Scott Brennan
    Topic Outline:
    Earth Systems and Resources (10-15%)
    The Living World (10-15%)
    Population (10-15%)
    Land and Water Use (10-15%)
    Energy Resources and Consumption (10-15%)
    Pollution (25-30%)
    Global Change (10-15%)
    The following themes provide a foundation for the structure of the APES course:
    1) Science is a process
       Science is a method of learning more about the world
       Science constantly changes the way we understand the world
    2) Energy conversions underlie all ecological processes
       Energy cannot be created; it must come from somewhere
       As energy flows through systems, at each step more of it becomes unusable
    3) The Earth itself is one interconnected system
       Natural systems change over time
       Biogeochemical systems vary in ability to recover from disturbances
    4) Humans alter systems
       Humans have had an impact on the environment for millions of years
       Technology and population growth have enabled humans to increase both the rate and scale of their environmental impact
    5) Environmental problems have a cultural and social context
       Understanding the role of cultural, social, and economic factors is vital to the development of solutions
    6) Human survival depends on developing practices that will achieve sustainable systems
       A suitable combination of conservation and development is required
       Management of common resources is essential