6th Grade Physical Education

    Sinagua Middle School

    Instructor: Katchee Mitchell                                                                


                             928 527 5500 



    Welcome to Physical Education at Sinagua Middle School! The Physical Education program at this school is designed to provide opportunities for students to grow physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. We encourage our students to participate in physical activity daily to promote a healthy life-style. Participation is the key to this class and is a must if the student intends to pass. As with all classes in the State of Arizona, Physical Education has Academic Standards that must be covered. Your student will be introduced to a variety of activities that will cover these standards; this will give them choices and experiences for lifelong physical well-being.

    Required Materials: Tennis shoes (must be tied), PE Notebook (two-pocket: 3 prong folder, and a pen or pencil.

    *Must have all materials by the second week of class.  Please contact your teacher if you are having trouble supplying the materials.


    6th Grade Activities


    Team Work

    Dance                                                             Handball

    Wiffle Ball                                                     Ultimate Frisbee

    Floor Hockey                                                 Track and Field


    Respect:  To regard as being highly esteemed or honored.

    1. Respect self, others, equipment, materials and facilities.
    2. Attend class prepared to learn with the necessary materials.
    3. All food (including gum) and drink, with the exception of water, will remain in your backpack while in the locker room or PE facility.
    4. Comply with all FUSD and SMS rules and guidelines.



    *  Throughout the year you will have many opportunities to earn points so make sure that you make the most of each opportunity.  EVERY POINT COUNTS!

    Grades in PE are based on the Arizona Physical Education standards that have been identified by FUSD:

    Daily Participation Rubric

    Standard 1 and Standard 2 will be assessed each unit on a 4-point scale in both a skills and written assessment.

    Standard 4 and Standard 5 will be assessed daily with 2 4-point grades per unit.

    Standard 3 will be measured at the end of each unit and quarter by health projects.


    Skills Assess

    Written Assess


    STD 4

    STD 5

    STD 1

    STD 2

    STD 1

    STD 2

    STD 3

    STD 3










    Fitness Testing

    The entire physical education department participates in Fitnessgram fitness testing. This is a pre and post assessment used by the State of Arizona in determining the fitness of all students.  Throughout the semester students will also participate in check-ins to measure their progress. After each testing period students will be required to chart and graph their scores. They will also answer questions about their scores and create a fitness plan. If a student misses Fitnessgram testing (pre-test, check-in or post-test) they will need to schedule a time to make up the test otherwise they will not be able to earn full points on their Fitnessgram project.

    We highly encourage all students to do their best on this test. This is like taking the AIMS test for core subject areas. It provides us with necessary information on your child’s fitness levels so that we may better educate your child. 

     Participation/Attire Guidelines

    6th grade students are not required to dress out in the SMS uniform; however, they can choose to bring physical education attire as needed. They must wear appropriate athletic shoes that are properly tied. 4 points can be earned per day. So, it is important that your child come prepared and ready to participate!


    Just a reminder: 

    * Wear socks at all times.

    * Wear appropriate athletic shoes at all times. (Must be tied properly)!  Any other shoe   worn will be counted as a non-dress and the student’s grade will be altered.

    * To participate daily and give your best effort! Points will be earned based on participation and home court advantage.


    Make Ups

    If your student is absent from class for any reason, they will not receive any points for that day.  Students are expected to make up participation points, tests, projects and any other assignments that they missed upon their return.

    It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any missed work from the teacher upon their return.



    Medical Issues

    If for any reason you have a medical issue that will keep you from participating in physical education for that day, you must have a note from home or the doctor. This note must be written by the parent or doctor and must include what your ailment is, how long you are expected to be out of activity, and must have a signature. A note written in student handwriting will not be accepted. Since this is a participation class, it is hard to make up these points, so please limit your time out of class for real medical emergencies. With a medical note, the student is still required to dress out in appropriate PE attire (this earns them their dress out points), and they are required to do an alternate activity to earn their participation points. If a student does not dress out, the note will become unexcused.  This rule applies to all medical issues.

    Please contact your student’s PE teacher immediately to discuss any medical issues (asthma, diabetes, surgery, etc) that may impede your student from participating.

    If your child is unable to participate in Physical activities for an extended period of time, administration will make arrangements for your child to continue to receive credit during this unfortunate time by re-scheduling your child until they are once again healthy enough to participate in physical activities.

    *After reading the entire contract, please sign and date below. The informational portion is for your records; however, please make sure that you return the bottom portion signed and dated and returned to the PE teacher by ____________________.  A copy of the contract can also be found on the teacher’s website.


    Student Name:     ___________________________________________

    Student: I have read and understand the policies/procedures and grading system outlined in this packet. These policies were also covered on the first day of class. I will follow the rules and understand the consequences of not following them.            

    ___________________________________________                             __________________

    Student Signature                                                                                                     Date

    Parent: I have read and understand the policies/procedures outlined in this packet. If I have any questions or concerns I will direct my questions to the appropriate Physical Education teacher at Sinagua Middle School. My child is responsible for his/her own PE items, such as clothes, lock, folders and other such items.


    ___________________________________________                             __________________

    Parent Signature                                                                                                       Date


    Parent E-mail: _________________________________________________________________