• An evaluation strategy for Cornell Note taking: Create a check list such as the following:

    Note-Taking Evaluation

    Name ____________________________

    Good job. Concise but thorough, in your own words, key ideas and vocabulary included.

    ·         ___ Good first effort. Keep practicing this skill and keep working on neatness and thoroughness.

    ·         ___ Your notes show improvement. Keep working on this skill.

    ·         ___ Your notes are still too wordy. Cut out more unnecessary words.

    ·         ___ Keep the big ideas in your summary.

    ·         ___ You have missed some important key ideas. If you are doing notes based on reading, read more carefully and do not depend on the chapter headings to pick out all the most important points.

    ·         ___ You have missed some important details. Read/listen carefully and make sure that you pick details that help you put the entire situation.

     Cornell Note Taking Template

    Divide a 8.5" x 11" page into three sections: Cue Column (1), Note taking Column (2) and Summary (3).

    SED 741 Discussion Guides
     Raising the bar - how do we design good hooks, help our students become historical detectives, use other intellectually challenging teaching strategies, and help students learn strong note taking skills?