• Syllabus

    Syllabus for Navajo Language

    Sinagua Middle School Room 511

    School Year 2019/20

    INSTRUCTOR: Amy N. Begay


    CONTACT INFORMATION: e-mail address abegay1@fusd1.org, phone # @ SMS 928-527-5500 Ext. 6827   


    COURSE DESCRIPTION: Students will receive the Navajo language instruction to the greatest extent practicable: thinking, speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing skills and study of the formal grammar of the language.


    CELL PHONE: Turn cell phones off and put it away. I should not be able to see your cell phones or other electronic equipment. No cell phones and all other electronic equipment or ear bugs/phones visible, if confiscated, it will be sent to the main office.



    1. Be respectful. Means no inappropriate language, no class disruption, no bullying.

    2. Be on time and prepared to work.

    3. Work to the best of your ability.

    4. No foods allowed, unless if the class is celebrating (birthdays & potlucks.)

    5. No drinks except water or juice with a twist on cap.

    6. No gum.

    7. No sleeping/don’t put your head down.

    8. Follow dress code.

    9.  At the end of class session, please stay in your seats until the dismissal bell rings.


    RESTROOM/Water USE POLICY: You will sign out to get a drink of water or use the restroom. Please bring in a bottle of water daily. You will be allowed to use the restroom twice a week from this class.  If you have 1st period or coming from lunch break, you have time to drink water and take care of personal errands, so plan wisely.  If you are caught wondering or visiting or going to other hallways, you will lose your restroom privileges.



    Attendance/Class Participation: Your attendance and participation is required and expected. Please be on time to class and sit at your assigned seats as soon as possible before the tardy bell rings. If you come in after the tardy bell rings you will be marked as being tardy.


    ASSIGNMENTS: All assignments are due as listed in your grade book. Late work will still be accepted only if you have a doctor’s excuse or family emergencies or an excused absence.

    * When you return from an excused absent, you have only however many days you were out to make-up your work/quiz/test.

    * One retake on all quizzes and quarter tests, not Finals. Hence, get into a good study habit so you may do well the first time you take a quiz or test.



    A.   Semester Grading - Set by district administration
    • Measurement and Performance - tests and projects are worth 100% of the class grade
    • Practice – homework, class work and quizzes are worth 0% of the class grade

    B.   Standards Based Grading Scale
      • 4 = Exceeding—Complete understanding of the standard and can teach/apply it
      • 3 = Proficient –Complete understanding of the standard
      • 2 = Progressing—Still working on full understanding of the standard
      • 1 = Minimally Proficient—Struggling with understanding of the standard
      • IE = Insufficient Evidence—Not enough data to show understanding of the standard


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