What is Speech Therapy?

  • Speech-Language Therapy is a special education service for children who have communication difficulties that significantly impact their educational experience. A child's parent or legal guardian needs to give permission for the child to be formally tested. Then a meeting needs to be held to discuss a child's communication strengths and weaknesses, and papers need to be signed. Once it is determined that a child needs and qualifies for Speech-Language Therapy services an Individual Education Plan needs to be written by the educational team in order to receive this speech therapy.

    A child may have difficulty understanding words or grammar or using a variety of vocabulary and age-appropriate grammatical forms like plural "s" or past-tense "-ed". A child with communication delays may not be speaking in long enough sentences or may speak  incomplete thoughts. In addition, a child my be referred for speech therapy if he/she does not speak clearly or mispronounces sounds such as "R", "S", or "K". Some children might also have difficulty knowing what to say in different social situations or may not understand body language, facial expressions and  social rules. Some children with speech-language delays have difficulty answering questions and asking questions.

    If you have concerns regarding your child's communication skills, please discuss your concerns with your child's teacher or call or email me.

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