Classroom Organization: There will be a seating chart that students will use. My classroom is a mixture of tables and desks, and I have arranged these for ease of moving around the room. I have also arranged seating to make sure everyone can see the front of the room and I can see students clearly. The room has posters and examples of student work to pique the interest of students and create an atmosphere that science can be interesting and fun. Students know where to gather materials for activities and labs, and where to turn in assignments when they are completed.

    2)      Rules, Routines, and Procedures: My classroom rules are in line with the classroom expectations posted in each classroom, focusing on respect, responsibility, and integrity. I clearly go over the rules, routines and procedures during the first two days of school and send home a detailed letter explaining them for parents to read and sign. Students are to bring the signed agreement for back to me during the first week of the school year. I begin setting the classroom routines and procedures right away. The classroom rules are displayed in different areas of the classroom as reminders of student expectations. For example, the first thing they will do each day is the bell work assignment. This is designed to be a 3-5 minute assignment that focuses on the day’s objective and allows me to take and submit attendance. Students are to be in their assigned seat at the start of class and in their seats at the end of class. Students are not allowed to stand by the doors before the bell rings at the end of the class.


                3 purposes for rules

    1)   To maximize on-task and minimize off-task behaviors

    2)   To create a safe learning environment

    3)   To maintain acceptable standards of decorum among students, school personnel, and visitors to the Coconino school campus.


    3)      System for Assigning and Collecting Work- Students in each class will have a specified place to turn in assignments. Depending on the nature of the assignment, students will turn the assignment in at the start of class, during class, or at the end of class. I paper clip each classes assignments together to keep them organized, and so I also know who did not turn in the assignment in when it was due. I also have a folder for no-name assignments in the back of the classroom in case a student forgot to put their name on the paper.


    4)      Behavior Management Plan: Classroom management techniques that I use to minimize disruptions and off-task behaviors include:

    Proximity Control & Body Language

    Circulating the Classroom during lecture and work time

    Making frequent eye contact with all students

    Making positive relationships with students

    Making parental contacts: email and phone calls

    Strategic seating chart when necessary

    One on one talks with students in the hall when needed

    Incentives: Pawsitive Panthers and candy treats on occasion

    Motivational talks to class when needed

    Be consistent with rules, policies, and procedures and follow through when they are not followed.

    If any student has problems following this classroom management plan then Tier 1 interventions will be utilized, which includes parent contact and completing a reflection form (signed by parent) relating to the incident. After three Tier 1 interventions then a Tier 2 intervention will be used, which is a trip to Coconino's Responsible Thinking Room (RTR). More serious incidents may require Tier 3 interventions, which involve administrative actions.