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    Parents/Guardians: This school year we are going to have the opportunity to loop with our students in Social Studies. What this means is we will have your youngster in class for two years. I have looped in the past and am very pleased we are able to take advantage of this concept. There are many advantages to this idea. I have listed a few:

                1. Time - looping provides additional time, which, in turn, enhances     instruction and assessment. This allows maximizing knowledge of the students’ abilities.

                2. Relationships- A comfort zone is established which in turn builds a better rapport with the teacher, student and parent(s) or guardian(s). This leads to    an increase in the youngster’s achievement.

                3. Student support and engagement Relationships—engagement among teachers, students, and parents increases and fosters the social development of students due to the multiyear investment.

    With the research that I have done I provided below a brief summary of the overall benefits:

    The complexity and scale of changes young adolescents experience during the middle school years are extraordinary. Providing them with a learning environment that fosters the development of meaningful relationships is essential to help them navigate successfully through this time. The educational practice of teachers and young adolescents remaining together for two or more years, known as looping, provides a stable learning environment that supports students' developmental changes and responds to their individual needs.

     I am very excited and pleased to have this vast benefit



    7th Grade Course Description:

    Students will gain knowledge of events and people of our past and understand the importance. We will reflect, interpret, and analyze actions of America and our world’s history using primary resources, revisions, informational text, and literature. Beginning with Geography, continue with the Civil War and finish the school year with the Great Depression. They will understand the impact of the industrial revolution and imperialism as well.

    Scope and Sequence:

    1.     Historical Inquiry- History Day

    2.     Civil War and Reconstruction

    3.     Industrial Revolution



    Innovations and Inventions

    4.     Progressive Era

    5.     Imperialism

    6.     WWI

    7.     Great Depression


    New Deal

    Fundamentals of economics

    8.     Geography


    Political Geography

    History and Culture

    9.     Current Events



    8th Grade Course Description:

    Students will start with the American Revolution and finishing with Contemporary United States. Students will gain a clear perceptive of how this has shaped us today. The class will require some critical thinking, which will help your youngster retain the information. SMS will implement cross-curricular common core vocabulary and writing strategies. We will be using the T3C model (Topic Sentence, Concrete Evidence, Commentary, and Concluding Sentence).

    Scope and Sequence:

    1.     Historical Inquiry Process

    2.     American Revolution

    3.     Government

    4.     Economics

    5.     WWII

    6.     World at War

    a.     Cold War

    b.     Korean and Vietnam War

    7.     Civil Rights Movement

    8.     Contemporary United States

    Essential Questions:

    Each unit we will focus on the following seven questions:

    1.     How have the United States and the world changed and to what extent do these changes affect us today?

    2.     How do people interact with the environment and what are the consequences of those interactions?

    3.     How do social, political, and cultural interactions support the development of personal and societal identity?

    4.     How are governments created, structured, maintained, and changed?

    5.     What factors influences decision-making on issues of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods?

    6.     What are the benefits from and problems associated with global interdependence?


    1.     One subject spiral or composition notebook for daily warm-ups that will remain in a filing cabinet in the classroom.

    2.     Pencil or pen

    3.     Folder for homework

    4.     Colored pencils and or markers

     Materials for the Classroom (optional):

    1.     Kleenex

    2.     Glue sticks

    3.     Scissors

    4.     Colored pencils

    5.     Markers

    6.     Dry/erase markers

    7.     Copy paper

    Class Requirements:

    1.     Warm-ups (at least three days a week they will be literacy based).

    2.     Daily in class assignments (individual, partner, group work, computer/internet work, textbook and newspaper, atlas, and various reading material).

    3.     Assignments must be legible and written in complete sentences.

    4.     Assignments need to be turned in on time for full credit, one day late will result in losing 50% of a grade, two days late will become a zero in the grade book.

    5.     When absent you must find out what you have missed by looking at your agenda and checking the days of the week folder which is posted on a bulletin board in the classroom. A parent can also call the front office (928-527-5500) to request homework. If you have questions regarding the missing assignment make sure you ask. You have the number of days absent to make-up the work.

    6.     Students must maintain accurate records of their grade.


    It will be based on three categories; Practice (homework, class work, and quizzes), Performance (papers, essays, projects, and demonstrations), and Measurement (Unit tests). Each category weight is distributed as follows:

    Practice is 20%

    Performance is 20%

    Measurement is 60%

    If your child falls below a 70% they will not be able to participate in their pathway class on Thursday’s until they bring it up. They must attend an intervention social studies class which will help your youngster get caught up and bring their grade back to passing (70%). Once they are back on track they will be able to return to their pathway class.

    Parents are always welcome to drop by anytime, make sure you check-in the front office and get a visitors pass. You may also contact me via e-mail or phone call. mondrejech@fusd1.org or I can be reached at 928-527-6832.

    Please sign the slip below and provide an e-mail address and or phone number where you can be reached.

    Thank you for working with me to help educate your child. Let’s make this a successful school year,


    Maria Ondrejech

    Maria Ondrejech

    SMS Social Studies



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