Summer Reading - Honors Eng 10

  • Wait, we haven't even met yet and I'm already giving you homework? Ha! Welcome to Honors English 10.
    Your mission, should you choose to accept it--and you most certainly should, since it will be our first assignment!--is to read the novella The Pearl by John Steinbeck and take the required notes on the handout linked below. The easiest way to get started is simply to check the book out from the CHS library. Note: Plagairism will NOT be tolerated. All assignments turned in with your name on them, including this one, must be your own, original work.
    This assignment is due on the first day of school after summer break. I hope you enjoy The Pearl; it's a pretty straightforward read with a rather strong and obvious moral--a good way to dip our feet in before more challenging texts ahead.
    See you on the other side,
    Mister Born