Dear Families,


    As we begin the Love of Reading month at school we have planned to take our classes to the Flagstaff Public Library Friday, Feb 26th. 


    We will be leaving at 9:30 and will be getting back to school at 11:30. Students will be eating lunch at school.


    The librarians will be doing a story time and giving us a tour of the children’s section as well as information about how the children can get a library card.


    We don’t need too many parent helpers this time, but you are welcome to join us.  We are taking 2 classes so the bus will be pretty full; you may need to drive to the library.


    Thank you so much to those of you who were able to give us a tax credit donation!  It will pay for the bus and the driver.


    We have kept the insurance forms from the fall so you do NOT need to fill it out again unless your insurance information has changed.


    Please return the bottom portion of this form to school ASAP.




    Child’s name______________________


    ________My child has permission to go to the Flagstaff Public Library on  2/26/16        


    _______The medical information from the beginning of the year is current.


    _______ Medical information has changed.  I need a new form.


    ________I would like to join my child for this field trip.



    Parent Signature_____________________________