• Behavior Plan, Rules, Consequences and Rewards

    Posted by Yvonne Parent on 8/3/2016 12:00:00 PM
    Our Class Room Rules
    Will be created by the students in the first two weeks of school and then posted here.
     I use the Responsive discipline approach.  The goals of responsive discipline are to: establish a calm, orderly, predicictable and safe learning environment. Teach children positive behavior skills so they can develop self-controll and self-discipline. Guide children to become responsible, contributing members of their classroom, school and community, and promote respectful, kind and healthy interactions. The students and I will develop the classroom rules together that will help us meet these goals.
    I will teach the children how the rules look and sound throughout the school day and various locations through the use of daily routines and proceedures. 
    Second graders are young and there will be mistakes. When a misbehavior occures I need to stop the rule-breaking behavior while maintaining a safe and orderly classroom so other students can continue to learn, help the student recognize and repair any damage caused by the mistake, help students develop internal control of thier behavior, and presurve the dignity of the child and the group. I will repond to misbehavior through the use of logical consiquences.  Logical Consiquences could include 1. A loss of Privilege
    2. Break it, Fix it
    3. Take a break- take time to think and regain control. 
    I am looking forward to a wonderful year.
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