Accelerated Math 6/7

  • Welcome to Accelerated Math 6/7!

    Please click here for the course syllabus/description.  

    Accelerated 6/7 Math is the first course in the accelerated middle school mathematics pathway.  Students should be prepared to move through and apply concepts at a rapid pace. This course incorporates all of the AZ College and Career Ready Standards-Mathematics (AZCCRS) for grade 6 and half of grade 7.  These standards include a deep understanding of the number system, rational number operations, extensive study of rates, ratios and proportional relationships, and equations and inequalities. Appropriate technology and modeling will be used to enhance mathematical understanding, application of concepts and problem solving.

    Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation  

    Accelerated 6/7 Math is only open to 6th grade students.



    We are using Eureka Math/Engage NY as our district curriculum.  Our first module is Module 1: Ratios & Unit Rates.  The link here (  takes you to the Engage NY curriculum for Module 1, although our lesson numbers differ since we have compressed all of Math 6 into a little over one semester.  Although the lesson numbers are different, the sequence is the same.  

    Lesson Summaries

    If you click on the "+" under the Accelerated Math 6/7 tab on the left side of the screen, you will see "Math 6/7 Modules." Here you have access to copies of the student packet pages, homework assignments for each lesson, and videos for the lesson presentation for lessons we have covered so far. This is a good resource for students who have been absent and need to complete the notes and examples and understand the lesson. It is expected that students watch these videos and complete their class notes packet when they are absent due to illness, vacation, or field trips.