•  CLASS and HOME work-for the week of September 30
    In class--                                                                                   Homework   
    Monday- CNN10; turn in 27 amendment ws; 
                   start amendment poster activity (assessment)
    Tuesday- finish posters; start presentations
    Wednesday- finish presentations               
    Thursday-continue writing answers on Civics questions               study for test Tuesday!!
    Friday-work with elbow buddy on Civics questions/answers
    The Civics Test next Tuesday is the first opportunity for 8th graders to complete a high school requirement
    for graduation. There are 100 questions (90 are multiple choice); students must pass with 60 or better.
    Historically, about 60% of our 8th graders pass it the first time!!  Please encourage your child to study.
    I could use donations of disinfecting wipes and Kleenex if possible.  Thanks!