DeMiguel's STEAM Program

  • What is STEAM?  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. 

    We want your child to learn about these areas of study and to have experiences in creating meaningful, hands-on projects that integrate two or more of these content areas.


    Why STEAM? 

    At DeMiguel we have amazing students, families, teachers, staff, and administration.  We want to continue to teach great basic academic skills, but we also want to teach our students how to solve problems, conduct experiments, and build real-life thinking skills.  Our teachers truly value the concept of helping to teach and care for the needs of a whole child, not just a test score.  We also want to be on the cutting edge - we want to help your child be successful in a continually advancing world of technology and skill.


    What does STEAM look like for your child this year? 

    All teaching teams have been working on combining our Arizona College and Career Ready Standards with lesson plans and materials to have one STEAM unit each quarter of the year.  Every grade level is also creating one main integrated project or activity that will be showcased at one of our STEAM Family Night events.  We highly recommend attending ALL STEAM Night and Science Fair events that you can.  There will always be hands-on stations, showcase projects, and many fun things to explore for kids of all all ages.


    What about the Science Fair? 

    The DeMiguel Science Fair continues to be a feature event on our schedule.  Every child at the school is welcome and encouraged to explore the world of science by completing an experiment, research poster, diorama, model, or invention.  Many classes and some grade levels have required projects for the fair.  Please check with your child's teacher to find out details about any of these requirements.  Regardless of requirements, you are welcome to do a (2nd, 3rd,...) project at home with your child to help teach and encourage interest and exploration of science.  Practice is what help helps our children refine their skills and science is rarely meant to be done just once.  Do a project a month if you can and then submit your child's favorite one for the fair!

    Our Science Fair is also much more than just one night to display projects.  We will again have guest speakers from many local agencies going to most of our classrooms.  We will have a school-wide competition (like the paper airplane contest).  We will have buddy classes of upper grades help share projects and experiments with younger students.  All DeMiguel teachers will model the scientific method in the classroom.

  • If you have questions about our STEAM events, or would like to volunteer to help with events, or guest speakers, then please contact Mr. Rossman at