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    Instructor: Mrs. Laura Locke 

    Email: LLocke@fusd1.org                                             

    Phone: (928)-773-8200 Ext. 6431


    Class Motto:
    Ideas, Communication and Execution
    Every designer must be able to generate ideas and know why a particular idea is better than another.
    Designers must use effective communication skills to communicate their ideas to clients, other designers, and contractors.
    Designers must be able to know what needs to be done for the proper execution of their ideas. 

    The Architectural Interior Design program is designed to prepare students for employment or advanced post-secondary coursework in applied sciences for architectural and custom interior design, design production, commercial or home furnishings design and sales, furniture manufacturing, and as buyers for retail establishments. A student completing this program will possess the technical knowledge and skills associated with interior design drafting and rendering, production and selection, wholesale purchasing, sales, and promotion.  


    Courses at CHS:


    Architectural Interior I

    Credit: Fine Art or CTE     Prerequisites: None 
    Students will study the fundamentals of design for interior spaces as well as the history and cultural differences associated with interior design and architecture. Students will analyze, interpret and evaluate existing architecture and interiors from different eras, and create their own designs utilizing traditional art mediums and computer aided drafting software to create products like perspective drawings and renderings, floor plans, textile patterns, furniture and accessories.       

    Architectural Interior Design II

    Credit: CTE          Pre-requisites: AID I

    Students will expand on technical design skills using computer aided drafting and rendering to create original architectural and interior designs. Students will also apply advanced occupational skills through hands on projects and participation in the national student organization FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America). Through FCCLA students will have the opportunity to participate in State and National competitions for interior design.


    Architectural Interior Design III 

    Credit: CTE          Pre-requisites: AID I and AID II

    Students will apply technical concepts and knowledge through hands on projects inside and outside of the classroom. The goal of AID III is to make a positive impact on the physical environment of the school through student lead design, redesign and remodeling. Students will work with various clients to help make design decisions and implement their designs. Students will also be members of the national organization FCCLA and have the opportunity to compete in state and national competitions for interior design.