•  Mrs. Locke     Email: LLocke@fusd1.org    Phone: (928) 773-8200 ext. 6431
     Painting House     Painting Classroom   
    Painting my grandmothers house.            Painting my classroom.  
    About Me:
    I was born in Ohio, raised in Colorado, and graduated from Moon Valley High School in Phoenix. I have a love of all things vintage and as an artist and designer I make a habit of finding antique and vintage items to redesign, reuse, and upcycle. I am a thrift store junky and Pinterest fanatic. 
    I started my teaching career at CHS after first being a paraprofessional with the Life Skills program. I have been teaching the Interior Design program for 5 years and Into to Culinary Arts for 4 years. My phiosophy of teaching it that creativity cannot be taught but it is something that everyone can find inside themselves. Creativity is a conition that we create and I strive to set up those conditions for my students so that they can find their creativity inside. 
    Daily Schedule: 
    Period 1- Intro to Culinary RM 308
    Period 2- Intro to Culinary RM 308
    Period 3- Prep
    Period 5- Architectural Interior Design II, III and IV RM 507
    Period 6- Architectural Interior Design I RM 507
    Period 7- CTE Fresman Rotation RM 507