• PEG  

    The Panther Engineering Group (PEG) is and 3 tier level engineering program at Coconino High School that is available to all students who are interested in Engineering. This program is based on the Project Lead the Way (www.pltw.org) curriculum. There is no placement test, it is first come first serve (so be sure to sign up quickly). If for some reason you are told that the classes are full, please contact me and I will try to accommodate if possible. Freshmen students who are enrolled in the PEG-PLTW program are not required to be in the CTE rotation. Please do not be intimidated by the word “Engineering” its not hard unless it is taught that way and I do not teach it to be hard, I teach it to be fun and enjoyable.

    PEG doesn't focus on one discipline in engineering, we explore many of the engineering fields. The program is highly project based with some academic assingments. I do not believe that academic classes without project based lessons are effective. I also do not believe that project based classes without academic classes are effective. I do believe that a good blending of the two methodologies produces a well balanced curriculum that provides students with a solid education of what is needed in their future careers and college education.

    PEG students will learn “Best Practices” of the engineering fields. A few of the things they will learn are: How to keep a proper engineering notebook, new reverse engineering techniques, how to use precision measuring tools, integration of mathematical formulas into real world applications, identification and use of hand tools, Autodesk Inventor CAD software, manual milling, lathe turning, CNC milling, CNC turning, robotic programming using Vex software, collaborative team building, integration of writing skills, static forces and other physics related concepts, rocketry, orbital mechanics, the science of flight and airfoils and much more.

    This program offers students a unique opportunity to not only earn high school credits but also Dual Enrollment credits from Coconino Community College(CCC). Students can earn 12 college credits upon the completion of each class (with a passing grade grade of course). Good new for students and parents, because this is a Career and Technical Education (CTE) course CAVIAT (the Career and Technical Education District (CTED)) will cover 100% of the tuition for every student for the CCC fees portion  . The CHS CTE counselor, CCC staff, and myself take care of 99% of the paper work. The only time your child has to do anything is when CCC visits the classroom and your child completes the application and enrollment paperwork. This takes about 10 minutes (if that long) and your child is then enrolled in college, and becomes a college student before they are even out of high school!

    The cost of all of these classes combined is almost $2000 per student and it is all coverd byt the CTED. FUSD offers really great programs to its students, but there is no other program that offers as many credits or is as rich and robust a program as the Panther Engineering Group.

    I am a trained certified PLTW teacher. Every PLTW teacher must attend an intense two week training session for the courses they are going to teach. I take two weeks of my summer vacation every year and attend training in Colorado Springs. I am not paid for the time I attend training, I do it because I believe in giving the best to my students. It is not a vacation, we study the entire year curriculum in two weeks time and usually work about 20 hours a day.

    If you have any further questions you may contact me at chowdeshell@fusd1.org or 928-773-8200 ext 6434.


    Thank you,

    Craig Howdeshell