• Welcome to Ms. Maggi’s class!
    Email:  mloritz@fusd1.org
    Phone:  928-773-8200 

    Period 1:  Behavior Support English  (Ms. Loritz)
    Period 2:  Behavior Support Study Hall and Independent Study
    Period 3:  Behavior Support Science (Mr. Linck) 
    Period 4:  Behavior Support Study Hall and Independent Study
    Period 5:  Behavior Support Math (Mr. Roth)
    Period 6:  Behavior Support Study Hall and Independent Study
    Period 7:  Behavior Support Study Hall and Independent Study 
     Our vision is that all students will graduate high school. On our journey to success we will show respect, support, fellowship, honesty, accountability and self-knowledge. We as a team will get there guided through commitment, loyalty and integrity. We will maintain a sense of humor.

    Our class is a therapeutic environment in which we utilize a cognitive/ mindfulness based approach to help students become successful students, graduates and adults.

    Class Expectations

    1. Listen and follow directions.

    2. Raise hand before speaking and/or speaking or leaving your seat.

    3. Respect your classmates and adults.

    4. Keep hands feet and other objects to yourself.

    Electronics will be used with staff permission.

    Materials will be provided for students.

    Required Reading

    Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli

    Holes by Louis Sachar

    “Peter Pan” by J.M. Barrie

    Various poems and short stories throughout the year

    Writing process


    Vocabulary and spelling

    Thinking (asking questions, prediction and discussion)