Sr. Garlant

    Español I



    Welcome to my Spanish 1 class.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you and introducing you to the many wonderful aspects of the Spanish language.  This will be a very exciting and challenging year for both of us.  Let’s learn from each other and prepare to expand our knowledge!


    Goals and Objectives:

                The main goals and objectives for this class will be to:

    1)        Learn mechanics of Spanish.

    2)        Incorporate the four components of language (listening, reading, writing, speaking)

    3)        Learn geography of Spanish-speaking countries.

    4)        Develop a greater awareness of cultures among Spanish-speaking countries.

    5)        Provide a solid foundation for students continuing on to Spanish II.


    Class structure: 

                The success of this class depends solely on you!  This will be a self-motivated class.  You get what you put into it!  You are strongly encouraged to study vocabulary daily on your own time! You are encouraged to create flash cards on a weekly basis. There are a few apps that you can use with smartphones (studyblue, brainscape, quizlet).  Come to class prepared!   Bring paper, writing utensil, notebook, homework, etc. everyday!!




    You will be responsible for completing all assigned tasks (oral/written).   You are required to have a 1-subject notebook.  In addition, you will be responsible for completing various research projects which I will address at a later date.



     Grading will be based on the following scale:

                            89.5-100%  =A

                            79.5-89%    =B

                            69.579%    =C

                            59.5-69%    =D

                            Below 59.4%    =F


    Procedures & Policies:


    Behavior in the Classroom

    We use PBIS in this class. (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports).   This should make our instructional time more efficient and have less distractions.

    Students are seen by the instructor as young adults and thus, be treated as such.  Respect, responsibility, and integrity are expected from all students.   Please do not cheat! 


    Please be aware of our attendance policy.


    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain missed work.  I am in my classroom before school, during lunch and after school. 


    NOTE:  If your absence is unexcused, you cannot make up any work (test, journal, etc.), which results in zero (0) points. Upon your 10th absence, you will lose credit in this class.


    Late Work:  A major part of academic success is completing ALL work.  The purpose of completing homework is to give students practice and eventually, mastery.  If students do not complete assignments deemed as critical by the teacher, students will be assigned remediation time before or after school to complete missed work. 



     Leaving the classroom:  In order to leave the class you must have a pass. 

    1) Ask the teacher in Spanish.

    2) Be back within the time given.  Bathroom passes will have a time limit of 3-4 minutes.  If you take longer than the allotted time, you will be marked absent!  This will also terminate your privilege to use the bathroom for the remainder of the semester.   



    Electronic devices:  We are in this class to learn!  Therefore, unless you have spoken to me prior to the start of class (medical emergency, family issues, etc.) no electronic devices are allowed in class (cell phones, mp3 players, etc.) without teacher consent.  If you are found using these in class (texting, listening to music), your device will be confiscated.