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    Overview - Welcome to the Introduction to Art course at Coconino High School! This semester-long class offers students a chance to explore the world of art through various media while learning how to better understand the world around them through art. The curriculum centers on drawing and painting and how to compose a piece of art by using the elements of art and the principles of design. Students will have a chance to do some self-exploration through their projects, as well as learning to cooperate and create a classroom community. The standard grading scale will be followed for all projects. Some reading and writing will be required as we cover new techniques and discover new vocabulary words.

    About the instructor – I have been an artist for over 20 years. I received Studio Art degree from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. I have a long background of illustration, including graphic design and cartooning, as well as having had several shows throughout the years of my paintings, drawings and prints. Art has always been a focal point in my personal life. I have been a teacher for over 10 years, primarily focusing on working with students with learning disabilities. I have taught everything from English 9 to Government and Economics. My time spent teaching Art has been the most rewarding career experience of my life thus far. Would you like to know more? Ask me. I’m a pretty approachable person.

    Requirements – This semester will consist of 8 significant art projects, as well as weekly sketchbook assignments. Project due dates and requirements will be posted in the classroom when each new project is unveiled. Project critiques will take place when posted (about every other project). Sketchbooks ARE TO BE BROUGHT TO CLASS DAILY and need to be organized (sketches should be dated and labeled/numbered). Sketchbooks will be checked TWO times a semester (due dates are posted in the classroom bulletin boards, on the sketchbook assignment list and on the classroom door). Sketchbooks may be done both during or outside of class, with the expectation that all projects are completed in class first. Late work will be accepted up to two weeks late, however the grade will suffer one letter grade for every two days it is late. There will be 2 quizzes to cover vocabulary and items related to the art process and classroom procedure. There will be a pre-test to see what students already know at the beginning of the semester and a post-test and final exam at the end of the semester.

    Class fee/supplies – Each art course has a $15 per student fee (per semester) that must be paid to the bookstore if I am to make sure we that we have adequate supplies throughout the year. I will be reminding students to pay this fee throughout the semester if they have not taken care of it. Students will be required to provide their own sketchbook for the course, which they will need to bring to class for daily use. Sketchbooks are available for as cheap as $4 locally. You may continue using your own personal sketchbook if you already have one started. If you cannot afford a sketchbook, I will provide you with paper and a folder. There may be a time when you might need to borrow supplies – this will be up to the discretion of your instructor and you will need to follow the sign-out procedure. You WILL be charged on your school account for any supplies you are loaned that are not returned DIRECTLY to your instructor.

    Routines and Procedures – There is a specific student work drawer and portfolio storage space in the classroom where we will keep all of our work for each specific class. There is a well-marked spot by my desk where finished projects will be turned in by class period. All of your work, including all projects and grading rubrics, should be kept in the classroom inside your portfolio until the end of the semester, at which time you will receive a measurement grade based in the completeness of your portfolio (in other words, SAVE EVERYTHING). DO NOT turn in anything without your name and class period on it somewhere. Please make it a point to see the instructor if you miss a day of school. Bathroom breaks should be no longer than 5 minutes. You will not be given permission to use the bathroom during the first or last 10 minutes of class. NO ONE leaves the classroom without a pass, ever. If you are having a bad day, it is crucial that you find time to make me aware of your situation before class begins. Sleeping in class or “checking out” is not an acceptable way to spend your time in our class.

    Contact info – I can be easily reached at bproctor@fusd1.org. I check my email multiple times a day. A message can also be left for me through the front office by calling (928) 773-8200 or contact my classroom at extension 6433.

  • Greetings Everyone!
    Good news - Drawing and Painting 4 and 5 and Advanced Art Studio were approved by the board last year. This means that you will now be able to take Intro to Art, followed by Drawing and Painting 1 - 5, followed by Advanced Art Studio! Each class is a semester long and builds on the previous courses. I am looking forward to a great year with all of you!
    - Proctor
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