• My office hours will be 10am-12pm and 2pm-3pm Monday-Friday during the school closure. I will be available during these times to answer any questions you might have about learning materials, offer suggestions, and check in with students. At this time, email is the best way to reach me. 

    My email address is: swheeler@fusd1.org



    Ms. Wheeler’s Suggested New Class Schedule… for now

     I hope you find this schedule helpful, and I made it with love.

    Do what you can to the best of your ability. Focus on being happy and helpful. J

    None of this is required, unless your parents say so.  You can make up your own assignments, instead, if your parents agree.

    When you wake up – Put on something comfortable 

    brush your hair and teeth J  Get something healthy to eat for breakfast.

    Talk time - tell your family things, take care of your chores, fill a water bottle, organize your workspace, make sure your device you will be using is charged, sharpen a pencil or get your favorite pen, get a whiteboard or paper or journal ready, get a book for SSR, etc.

    SSR – for as long as you want – at least 20 minutes

    About 10:00 Morning Meeting –Talk with someone at home about your feelings, how to stay positive, mindfulness, growth mindset, breathing techniques, kindness ideas, compliments for yourself or others – you know, and you can teach your parents or relatives some of the things we have learned!

    Reading – For now, listen to a story online, maybe – or read a book to someone or a stuffed animal, or try one of the recommended sites from the FUSD website www.fusd1.org/digitalhub

    Take an AR test, if you’d like. 

    snack time/recess  - go play J

    11:00 Journal writing/sharing

    You should be able to write five great sentences! Choose your own topic, but you might find it easiest to write about what you are doing, or write a letter to a relative or friend.  Maybe you can write a book.  Share what you’ve written with someone.

    Break for as long as you want – help someone, if you can.

    After that - Math  - For now, you can do your own six questions, and/or try a recommended site from the FUSD website www.fusd1.org/digitalhub

    About 1:00 STEM center or science experiment – if you don’t have Legos or great STEM toys, make up your own STEM activity, or find and do a simple science experiment – I’m planting lima beans, California poppies, and the tops of a carrot, a celery stalk, and a zucchini.

    You can still do specials, too! I bet you can make up your own plan.

    Monday -  P.E

    Tuesday – library (maybe you can organize your own home library and reread some of your favorites – or work on research skills)

     Wednesday - computer lab – take AR tests, and  type a paragraph and add a picture to it, or do an Easy Tech lesson (learning.com), or do any typing program

    Thursday - Art       You all are creative and love to draw and color.    Draw your own pictures.

    Friday – Music  You all sing beautifully.  Keep singing!

    When you are done with your “school day”, please pack up your things in an organized way and give someone a hug.  Think about and compliment yourself on what you did well.  If you had a problem, make a plan for success.




    School starts at 8:35

    Language Arts 8:55-11:45

    RTI 8:55-9:25

     Recess 10:15-10:30

    (Please provide your child with a healthy snack Monday - Friday)
    Lunch 11:55-12:35      Friday 11:30-12:00
    Math  12:45-2:05
    Social Studies/Science  2:05-2:35  (Intergrated with Language Arts)

    Specials 2:35- 3:10
         Monday-  P.E. 
         Tuesday- P.E.
        Wednesday- Library
         Friday Art  11:00

    Monday -Thursday  Dismissal 3:25       Friday Dismissal  12:25