Am. Government Course Description and Goals

  • This course is offered in the senior year as a course to better prepare the senior student for the responsibilities of the adult world. American Government investigates state and federal government in today’s society and the social problems that concern each government. It also provides students with a realistic background for solving and understanding problems that confront the individual. Arizona Government is integrated into the course. This is a one semester class. Students must also enroll in Economics.

    By the end of this course, students should understand that:

    • Democratic government depends on informed and engaged citizens.

    • The civic identity of the United States is shaped by historical figures, places, and events, and by key documents and symbolic artifacts.

    • Citizens have rights, duties, and responsibilities which are established by law.

    • Public policy is shaped by governmental and non-governmental institutions.

    • The United States government is organized into three branches and three levels, each of which have a specific function and organization.

    • International political and economic institutions influence world affairs and United States foreign policy.

Am. Government Teachers

  • Jeanette Chasan

    Chelsea Drey

    Katie Scholler

    Lori Wright

    Paula Wright