Economics Course Description and Goals

  • Free Enterprise is designed to give the student a better understanding of the American economic system. It also provides students with a realistic background for solving and understanding problems that confront the individual. This is a one semester class required for graduation. Students must also enroll in American Government.

    By the end of this course students should understand that:

    • People make rational decisions based on weighing the costs and benefits of their choices.

    • Scarcity influences the choices of individuals, organizations, and governments.

    • Economic systems differ in how they allocate, produce, and distribute their scarce resources.

    • The market is the intermediary between buyers and sellers at all levels (individual, business, and government) to interact and exchange goods for an agreed upon price.

    • A country’s economic performance is measured, and can be affected by, various long-term factors (GDP, GNP, unemployment, inflation, etc.)

    • A country’s economic performance is influenced by the fiscal policy of governments and the monetary policies of central banks.

Economics Teachers

  • Jeanette Chasan

    Chelsea Drey

    Katie Scholler

    Lori Wright

    Paula Wright