• What Will We Learn in Biology?

    Biology is the study of life, from the smallest bacteria to organisms like you and I- the Homo Sapiens. We cover topics such as photosynthesis & cellular respiration, cell biology, genetics, evolution, ecology, anatomy & physiology, and even a little biochemistry. It sounds like a lot for one year, and it really is, but we can revel in the fact that the content is interesting, the challenges are great, and it can’t possibly get boring with all of this exciting stuff to learn about.  The work is hard, but the experience is very worthwhile and rewarding!  

    Online Textbook:  This is the 2nd year  that we have had this Biology text book. The instructions to log in to the book is under the biology text book tab.
    Class Policies
    Hopefully my goals for this year are the same as yours when it comes to being a successful biology student.  I would like to see every student in the class attain a good grade (C or better). It is really quite simple if you follow THIS ADVICE:  1) Show up on time to class EVERYDAY.Tardies & absences contribute to lost learning experiences that cannot be recovered.  2) Bring all necessary materials to class EVERYDAY. Be prepared to take an active part in teaching and learning. 

    3) Complete & turn in assignments regularly & on time.


    4) Late work will be accepted for a short time (the first week) at loss of credit.   NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT!!  5) Make up times for assignments can be arranged at lunch or after school. Please talk to Mr. Krassner ASAP whenever you miss a class to find out what you missed. 6) As per CHS policy states- NO CELL PHONES allowed during class time. 7) This is a lab science so FOLLOW ALL SAFETY RULES. 8) Follow all classroom rules and policies that relate to RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT, and INTEGRITY- Room #702 is a place where all students have the opportunity to succeed without disruptions from other students. Parents will be contacted if any student is disrupting the learning of others on a regular basis or having troubles following the above stated policies. Thank you.


    Tips for Success

    Be prepared with class materials every day!

    1) A Notebook for notes, diagrams, drawings and    


    2) Pencils: regular ones and a set of colored pencils

      is highly recommended.

    3) Your Biology Textbook every day unless notified   

      not to bring it. Expect to use your textbook in class and to take it

      home to read on average 30 minutes per night.

    4) Study hard and expect to work with others this year.

    5) Don’t fall behind in class. Try to turn in all  

         assignments as it can be difficult to get out of a hole