• Arizona's College & Career Readiness Standards for Math have some major transitions from 5th to 6th grade.  The five "Domains" in the math standards for grades 3-5 are Operations & Algebraic Thinking, Number & Operations in Base Ten, Number & Operations - Fractions, Measurement & Data, and Geometry (see chart below).  
     Domains Chart  
    Success in learning the mathematics of 6th grade is tied to having a solid foundation in the standards in previous grades.  At each grade level K-8, one or two fluencies are expected.  
    Fluency Standards K-8  
    To prepare for sixth grade math, students can do the following:
    1. Make sure you have mastered the fluency standards for the previous grades.  Online practice can be found at the "Math Skills and Concepts Practice Links" site on the left side of this page.  
    2. Review the Eureka Math/Engage NY content from previous grades.  See the "Eureka Math" link on the left side of this page for overviews on what you should have learned in all of the grades leading up to now.
    3. Be ready to explain your reasoning for why a mathematical procedures works and what the answer means.  You may be able to multiply 1/2 x 3/5 and get the answer 3/10, but how did you get that?  What does it mean?  Can you model the problem and provide reasoning for why is does or does not make sense?  This will be expected as you learn sixth grade math and talk about the math you learned in previous grades.  At the "Math Skills and Practice Links" site on the left side of this page, you will find links to practice problems that will help you work through these skills with learning from previous grades.
    4. Don't be afraid to get the wrong answer.  We learn more when we make mistakes and work to correct them than if we just get the correct answer every time!