• Culinary Pic

    Patti Pastor

    Department:  Family and Consumer Science

    Welcome to the amazing world of culinary.  This is not your home ec class. :)  Our  advanced program has a state-of-the-art kitchen; our second- year students are developing skills through the management of our student restaurant, Eagles' Nest.  Third-year students learn restaurant management skills. In addition to supervising student shift operations and helping to train 2nd year students, they learn marketing and promotional strategies, practice inventory control, create and portion cost unique recipes, order food supplies, and assist with receiving, inspecting, storing, dating/labeling, and rotating food supplies.  Seniors who have completed the culinary arts program may receive high school credit while working off campus as externs at local restaurants.

    Our competition students compete to earn college scholarship monies for various culinary schools, HRM programs, International Business, etc.  My goal is to provide post-secondary scholarships to students that want culinary as a career.   If you are just a student who enjoys cooking, then this is a class that will provide you with a life skill.