2020 Varsity Baseball
  • Hello students and parents!

    My name is Mr. Vander Valk, I have been with your son or daughter all year in either Health/Personal Fitnes, Rec Sports, Success or Advanced Sports Training.

    Now that the school buildings have been closed, everyone is on a quarantine status and school is beginning online I just want to let everyone know what is going on in my classes!!!!

    Most of my students have joined the google classroom for their respective class, but many have not...Please ask your student if they have joined the google classroom and if not...Please get them in the class.

    Google Classroom codes are posted below. 

    This will be our only communication and location for continued learning opportunities for the rest of the semester!

    Personal fitness and Success classes: I will be posting 1 learning opportunity per week for the students (usually a survey or worksheet). I will also be posting some physical activity suggestions and an activity log that I am going to encourage the students to fill out! Please contact me with questions.  

    Rec Sports: I will be posting one learning opportunity for this class per week as I know that recreation and sports are pretty much off the table for now!

    Advanced Sports Training: Mrs. Kriesel, her student teacher Mr. Schwetz, myself and my student teacher Mrs. Etcheverry will be posting workout suggestions and physical fitness challenges each week!!

    Please reach out to me via email if you have any questions. 


    Daniel Vander Valk, M.Ed.



    Class Schedule:

    1st hour: Personal Fitness - Small gym-900 Google classroom code is : RJTTYXQ

    2nd hour: Rec. Sports - Main Gym  Google classroom code is : C4SXGJM

    3rd hour: Success/Personal Fitness - Small gym - 601  Google classroom code is : DPD2AND


    5th hour: Personal Fitness - Large gym - 900  Google classroom code is : UFNCKBB

    6th hour: Prep

    7th hour: Advanced Sports Training - Weight room  Google classroom code is : UEGBI4X