2017 baseball team
    Hello students and parents! My name is Mr. Vander Valk and I would like to welcome everyone to the new school year and a year full of positive changes at CHS. I have been at Coconino for 10 years and been the head varsity baseball coach for 5 years. Health and Fitness are my life long passions and I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of my students. The lines of communication are always open between myself and students or parents. I have posted my contact info below if you have any questions.
    Daniel Vander Valk, M.Ed.
    928-773-8200 ext. 6475
    Room #900
    Weight room  
     1st hour: Success/Personal Fitness - Small gym/601
    2nd hour: Rec. Sports - Main Gym
    3rd hour: Rec. Sports - Main Gym
    4th hour: Personal Fitness - Room 900
    6th hour: Prep
    7th hour: Advanced Sports Training - Weight room