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    Baby Drawing<Click Here for new video!

    Cat Drawing <Click Here for video!🤞

    Yay, Justin!!!


    Name: Ellen Fishel
    Title: Art Teacher
    Email Address: efishel@fusd1.org
    Phone number: 928-773-4150  Ext. 2134




    March 28, 2020
    Hi Everyone!!!!
    Hi Cromer Artists!  
    I’ve been busily adding some
    guided drawing videos for you to
    do at home! I’m still learning, so
    forgive me if they’re not working...but they should be! Draw the cat and the baby and just have fun! If you can, take a picture and send it to me (my email address is just to the left here...)! Maybe I could post them here for everyone to see!
    Hope you're all doing well...I miss you, but will see you soon!  In the meantime, happy
    Mrs. Fishel 
    Check out this read aloud!!! I have this book in the Art Room!