Mrs. Maryanne Galvan



Degrees and Certifications:

Graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Elementary Education and a content emphasis in Rural Education and Service Learning. Currently hold a K-8 teaching certificate and highly qualified in Middle Grades Mathematics.

Mrs. Maryanne Galvan

I am excited to be an Instructional Specialist at Sinagua Middle School.  What is an Instructional Specialist you ask?  This job has seven different descriptions:  
  • Testing Coordinator – to create the most effective and efficient testing schedule that has the least impact on our students.
  • Academic Coach – to establish rapport, create trust, and conduct planning, reflecting, and problem-resolving conversations with Sinagua staff.
  • Unit Recovery Coordinator and Teacher – identify failing students in order to create a positive and motivating atmosphere where our students can be the most successful.
  • Intervention Specialist - to help teachers group, plan, and create the best 9 week intervention plans for our individual students.
  • Professional Development Presenter – to model BEST teaching practices and strategies while presenting new ideas to teachers.
  • Data Collector and Interpreter – to determine the appropriate data and share with the teachers to make the best decisions for our students.
  • Technology Specialist – to trouble-shoot and be current and willing to share new tech that could be helpful for our students and teachers.
Please contact me with any questions.
Let's have a fantastic year!