• Welcome to the Flagstaff Unified School District The Learning Center  Program. 

    The Learning Center

    TLC is an intervention program designed to help students become more responsible for their own achievement and make positive choices.  Students need to be prepared with completed homework, agenda, books and materials, be in dress-code, and wear their school issued lanyard at all times or they will be assigned TLC after school.

    If students are assigned TLC, they are responsible for contacting their parent immediately. TLC is a study-hall where students complete missing assignments, read, and work on academics from 2:30-4:00. Students are allowed to get tutoring passes from their teachers and use the pass to attend tutoring instead of TLC.  Activity busses are available after school, servicing all destinations. Students who do not attend will be assigned. In School Suspension which is a study hall classroom lasting the entire school day up until 4:00.  Daily work is delivered to the class and a highly qualified teacher is available to assist your child.   

    Replacement lanyards, ID’s and agendas can be purchased in the front office or bookstore before school, after school or at lunch time.