• Mr. Les Hauer, Economics

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    Welcome to Coconino High School and our economics class. In this class we will learn how people and societies make choices about how limited resources will be used.

    My Schedule
    I have duty of Tuesdays before and after school in the north parking lot, southeast entrance.
    1st period- Economics
    2nd period- Economics
    3rd period- Economics
    4th period- Lunch
    5th period- Economics
    6th period- Prep
    7th period- Economics

    About Me
    My name is Les Hauer and I have been teaching for 14 years. I grew up in Mesa, Arizona and served four years in the Air Force. I love to learn, explore, and live life to the fullest. I look forward to being your teacher this semester.

    My Contact Information
    I am easily reached by email at lhauer@fusd1.org
    I can be contacted by phone at 928-773-8200 ext. 8248

    Our class uses blended learning. This means that much of our class is web-based. We use Google Classroom and the on-line textbook for many of our assignments.

    Items Every Student Needs Every Day
    - Notebook with lined paper
    - Pen or pencil
    - Any other materials that you have been notified that you will need

    Educational Philosophy
    Education happens when students are motivated to learn, understand, discover, & create. My mission is first to motivate each student and then to guide him or her to become active, life-long learners. I believe that a dynamic learning environment is needed to motivate diverse learners. This requires the integration of multiple instructional styles and technologies to reach students with varying interests, aptitudes, and learning styles. Every person wants to grow and advance in life but when obstacles seem unsurmountable or a person’s basic needs are not met then studying or getting a good grade is a low priority. This can cause apathy and a defensive rejection of education and order. To address this, I strive to understand the needs of my students and begin the learning process at a level that the student will experience success if they work to the best of their ability. I work to help students to understand their potential and develop a mindset of achievement.

    Attendance is taken each day when the bell rings.
    Tardies- A student is marked tardy if they are not in the classroom when the bell rings. After 10 minutes a late student will receive an absent attendance mark.
    Absences- It is extremely important to attend class each day.
    -District policy will be followed to determine loss of credit in the event of excessive absences.
    -If you are absent you can still complete much of the daily learning and work by checking Google Classroom and the on-line textbook.

    Make-up Work
    -Make-up work will only be accepted when an absence is excused.
    -It is the student’s responsibility to schedule make-ups.
    -Due dates will only be extended for assignments and projects when the excused absence falls on its due date or the number of excused absences exceeds the number of days given for assignment completion.
    The CHS attendance policy will be followed in response to attendance issues.

    Late Work Policy
    -Assignments and assessments are expected when they are due.
    -Extension may be granted on a case by case basis.

    Academic Intervention Policy
    When a student demonstrates a level of responsibility and accountability that falls below established academic expectations then the academic intervention system will be utilized to guide the student towards meeting expectations. A tiered intervention model that prescribes interventions has been developed to ensure that interventions are appropriate to the needs of the student.

    Tier 1- Based in the classroom to address issues that are infrequent and have marginal impact on student learning and achievement.

    Tier 2- This level of intervention is initiated when a student is referred to an intervention specialist by the classroom teacher when tier 1 interventions have not been successful.

    Tier 3- When tier 1 and 2 interventions are ineffective the school administration will be notified and an individualized intervention plan will be developed with the input of relevant stakeholders to help the student meet academic expectations.

    We use a standard grading scale in this class:
    100%-90%= A
    89%-80%= B
    79%-70%= C
    69%-60%= D
    59%-0%= F

    General Classroom Policies

    Electronic devices- Students may not use electronic devices in the classroom unless they have been given direct permission to do so. Students should feel free to ask to use their device if needed.

    Leaving class- Students may use the restroom when instruction is not being given. Students may not use the restroom within 10 minutes of the passing period. Any other passes will only be issued if the teacher determines it is appropriate.

    Respect the opinions of others- Although thoughtful discussions and disagreements are encouraged, all students need to respect the opinions of others. Calm and rational discussion is encouraged, but making fun of someone or making them feel bad for their beliefs will not be tolerated.

    Cheating and plagiarism- Never represent someone else’s work as your own. Various plagiarism detectors will be used when it is suspected. Confirmed acts of cheating or plagiarism may result in disciplinary action.

    Make up work in a timely manner- Opportunities to make up work will be discussed on an individual basis but work is expected to be turned in soon after a student returns after an excused absence. I encourage you to come to me to work out the details any time you will be away for an extended period of time.

    Individual Responsibilities
    Each student must:
    -Arrive to class with in-progress work, a writing utensil, and note paper each day.
    -Complete all classwork and homework in a timely manner to the best of their ability.
    -Participate in class discussions and activities.