After School Bicycle Program

  • The after school program has three main focuses. The first focus is maintenance and troubleshooting. If a bike rider can’t do basic maintenance on a bike and can’t identify when something or some part of the bike is malfunctioning bikes can break and a rider’s safety is at risk. Before rides students will follow a step-by-step process in analyzing the bike and bike parts. This is to assure everything on the bike is working properly and students begin to understand each part of the bike they will be riding throughout the year. Getting familiar with the way a bike rides prepares students to feel the difference when a bike is riding incorrectly.

    The second focus is on riding. Throughout the beginning of the year we will be focusing on beginner riding technique and commuter safety. By the end of the year students that have been committed to the after school program will have the opportunity to go on rides that require technical mountain biking skills.

    The final focus within the after school program is to introduce the programs inventory. Students that will eventually attain a career in bicycle maintenance or bike sales will have to understand and be able to navigate inventory. With hundreds of parts and tools, and donated bikes students must be able to identify parts and adjust inventory in order to know what we have and what we need.