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  • Alpine Academy at Mount Elden Middle School 

    The Alpine Academy (Alpine) offers a three-year learning program at Mount Elden Middle School. The Alpine Academy is a place-based program that partakes in outdoor expeditions, service learning projects, and project-based learning, while incorporating experiential learning when possible. Students within the Alpine Academy have the opportunity to experience culture, community, local history, ecology, geology and experiences around the Colorado Plateau, interwoven with Arizona State Standards.

    Alpine students will:
    - Recognize and address 21st century environmental and economic challenges facing the Colorado Plateau
    - Foster relationships with local organizations and agencies
    - Participate in community-based service learning projects
    - Have opportunities for outdoor learning
    - Make meaningful connections between core academic subjects
  • Day Expeditions, Overnight Expeditions, and Service Learning 
    The Alpine Academy concentrates on balancing outdoor expeditions and service learning projects to allow students the practice of hands-on experiential learning, project based learning, and an emphasis on place within the Colorado Plateau. 

    Throughout the school year, Alpine students take day expedition trips out of the building. These expeditions can be for field education, such as Picture Canyon where students learn about the heritage and culture of native people of the Colorado Plateau, or service learning projects. Service learning is embedded into Alpine’s curriculum and gives students the opportunity with hands on experience how they can contribute, change and voice their concerns for their place


    Alpine also offers the opportunity for students to participate in overnight spring expeditions. Overnight expeditions have taken place at locations such as Canyon de Chelly, Zion, river trips down the upper and lower San Juan, and Colorado River. These overnight expeditions are opportunities for students to experience the power of place, community, and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

  • Five Core Values

    Common principles used in conjunction with Arizona State Standards throughout the curricula of science, social studies, and language arts are as follows:

    InquiryCurriculum is designed with inquiry-based learning in mind. 
    Community: Students participate as members of global and local communities. They evaluate the possible positive and negative impacts of their actions.
    Stewardship: Students have the opportunity to consider the value of leaving a legacy for future generations.
    Critical Thinking: Students apply critical and creative thinking skills.
    Reflection: Students examine and evaluate their learning experiences from beginning to end

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