• Welcome to Cromer's Speech-Language Therapy

    Name: Stephanie Hammond, M.S., CCC-SLP
    Title: Speech-Language Pathologist
    Email Address: shammond@fusd1.org
    Phone number: 928-773-4150, x2145 

    kids on a bus

    Please stop by Room #45, upstairs in the library, to meet me.

    It's a pleasure to help children improve their ability to understand language and speak clearly. As a speech-language therapist, I build successful communication by improving speech articulation (saying "R" and "S"), understanding and use of vocabulary, teaching language concepts (i.e. first, around, before) and grammar (past-tense "-ed", pronouns), and helping the child express his  knowledge and needs.  Some children need to use not only oral speech, but also pictures, signs and body language.

    A child does better when all his/her caregivers are involved. I look forward to working as a team with parents, teachers, and children to improve communication.


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