Welcome to Ms. Lowie's P.E. Class!

The Physical Education program at Kinsey Elementary and Leupp Public School will provide students with knowledge, developmentally appropriate activities, and motivation that will build a foundation for lifetime fitness and healthy behaviors.


  • Students will develop and demonstrate motor skills and movement patterns
  • Qualified Physical Education teacher will provide exceptional instruction and content knowledge on a variety of different activities, games, sports, and leisure sport activities
  • Students will develop and reinforce collaborative behavior and team building characteristics
  • Teachers will help ensure that students become physically literate and understand the importance of fitness for life

Class Structure:

  • Intro/Instant activity
  • Skill/lesson explanation
  • Lesson activity
  • Wrap up/review

Expectations of Students:

  • Come to class motivated and eager to learn
  • Come to class prepared= Appropriate shoes (no sandals, flip-fops, boots, shoes with no laces), hair appropriately tied or clipped back so that vision is not obstructed, sunscreen or Hat to prevent sunburn or sun exposure. 

  • All students will display active listening skills and be kind to their classmates, both verbally and physically.
Contact Info:

Teaching Schedule:

Monday-Thursday: Kinsey Elementary

Friday: Leupp Public School

Email: Plowie@fusd1.org

Phone: 928-774-2514

Please feel free to contact me in person or via email with any questions or concerns that you may have about your child or our PE program!