Information on What To Do At Home


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    Hello my wonderful families!

    Most importantly, we hope you and your family are healthy and whole in this time. We hope you are finding some balance and comfort, and are able to enjoy some sweet extended time with the ones you love most. We are here with you. In this time if there is anything you need at all, please reach out to us. Your Sinagua family is in this with you, and we will


     LEARNING: ALL ACADEMIC WORK AS OF NOW IS OPTIONAL. Your family is in charge of how much time (if any) is spent on school-based material. If you are interesed we want to keep your students engaged with their learning as they are home. We know it won't be exactly the same as if they were with us at school, but I've tried to prepare your students for online/technology integrated learning since they've gotten their district iPads. This is a unique opportunity for your students to really own their learning and learn work through challenges if things don't come easily the first time. I encourage you as families to enjoy this time as much as possible. Try and work through a rough outline of a typical school day, where your students follow their daily schedule as best as possible and focus less on "getting things done" and more on "getting the most" out of what you're doing. 


    CONTACT: With that said if you have any questions about anything, again, don't hesitate to reach out to me directly! You can email me at, you can text me using the Remind 101 texting feature we've used this year and perhaps most easily you can direct message me at any time using the Canvas App messaging feature (which most students have already learned how to use). I will be available using these methods of communication from 8-4 every weekday and will be sitting down for office hours (just to do nothing but sit by my computer and answer questions immediately) from 10-11 and 1:30-2:30 every weekday (I am still available outside those just not with the same level of immediacy). Also, I personally don't expect students to work over the weekend. I will leave that up to families to decide.



    Your students have been using the Canvas App to access, engage and complete almost all of their coursework since iPads arrived in January, so your students should be very familiar with how it works and what is expected. I have attached a video below with some basics on how to use the Canvas App for my classes. 

    Here is a brief set of steps for logging into the app on new device, just for the first time. Once you log in once on your device, it will keep you logged in, all you will have to do after your first log in is open the app and it will automatically pull up your account and classes:

    1. Open the Canvas App (red circle and it says "Student" underneath)

    2. It will as for your school. You type in FUSD1 THEN PRESS ENTER (you won't be selecting the school from a list menu, you must type it and press enter)

    3. It will ask for you email, then your password. This information is what students use to access the any computer or any network at school. The email is the Student ID number followed by For example . Your password is likely your birthday with a 2 digit month, slash, 2 digit day, slash, 4 digit year. For example 08/08/1989.

    4. This should prompt you with a message asking if you'd like to Stay Signed In. Check that box and stay signed in!

    5. You should now have access to any class where the teacher has activated Canvas for your use.

    MATH - optional

    The video below should help guide your studetns through Canvas for Math Class

    ONLINE SUPPLEMENTS - I would encourage students to use Moby Max whenever they have time and interest in just practicing math skills. The log in information is just their School ID Number for both the username and password. This starts with a Pre/Placement Test and based on their performance on this test, the program assigns lessons to meet the needs detected in the test results. A great resource! Also, Khan Academy is a very popular resource that offers walk-throughs, video instruction and intentional practice. You are also welcome to just Google what the lesson is about and use any worksheet or website that works for you in order to add on to what students are learning from their class material.

    SOCIAL STUDIES - optional

    The video below should help guide your studetns through Canvas for Social Studies Class

    I have posted material in Canvas, most of which is reading comprehension based with articles and documents to be read and questions or activities to follow up and verify learning. Students can use any "read aloud" and "speech to text" features their devices offer. There are a few assignments that ask for students to express their creativity more boldly by creating a video; I really hope they enjoy this process. Again, I don't want them to just rush to finish, but instead, enjoy the learning process (IF they choose to participate), so feel free to supplement any of my documents with videos or even movies or games that are related to the content. Pacing is up to the families.

    In the coming weeks I may add a few optional resources like some Nearpod lessons or creative research presentations (videos) that students can keep an eye out for as they complete the coursework for base knowledge.

    Downloading Resources from Google Classroom for Offline us on Google Drive



    We have Google Classroom just devoted for Daily Challenges, available for any 6th grader at SMS to join. Class code is ycqy52j. Teachers of the class will be posting Daily Challenges which are fun activities or questions that will ask students to do something silly or challenging or fun. They will take a photo or video completing the challenge and post that to the Challenge Assignment. !THIS IS OPTIONAL! It's just a fun way for students each day to stay connected to each other and their school family IF THEY CHOOSE. If they want to just go and see everyone else's, thats fine too:)

    This is a video on how to post to a daily challenge. 


    • Reach out if you have needs or questions.
    • As of now, everyting is optional.
    • Pacing is up to families. Enjoy the process of learning as much as you can.
    • Watch my "How To Canvas" videos if you need help.
    • Trust yourselves as families to know what's best for your students. 
    • Reach out if you have needs or questions.

    Thank you for your time and commitment. Your families are very important to us and we want to be here in this time of need. We will get through this together.

    *YouTube disclaimer: according to current FUSD policy, students are not permitted to use the YouTube App on their District Issued iPad without parent permission.*