Alpine Institute

     Contact: Emily Musta, Alpine Institute Coordinator, for more information


    Welcome to the new Alpine Institute at Flagstaff High School. This is a new magnet program designed to provide students with an outstanding academically focused place-based service learning educational opportunity. Alpine Institute is being coordinated with our sister magnet program, the Advanced Placement Academy to prepare students for college and career readiness. In addition, this program will provide students with exceptional field research and service learning opportunities both outside of campus and at our on-campus experimental and demonstration gardens.

    Students will have the opportunity to participate in single- and multi-day field learning experiences including;


    • 5-day service learning trips with the Grand Canyon Trust to the North Rim of the Kaibab Plateau to work with Northern Arizona University researchers on the National Science Foundation funded Southwest Experimental Garden Array (SEGA) Project.

    • Fire and Forest Ecology Data Collection trips with National Park Service rangers to the backcountry of Walnut Canyon National Monument and Wupatki National Monument.

    • A week-long service learning trip to Olympic National Park in Washington with NatureBridge to study the impacts of the Elwha Dam Removal on ecosystem restoration in the Pacific Northwest.

    • A week-long service learning trip to Catalina Island off the coast of California to study marine conservation issues.

    • Kayaking, skiing, and other outdoor-related trips with the Grand Canyon Youth through the Outdoor Discovery courses.


    In addition, students can work on research projects right on the campus of Flagstaff High School associated with the Courtyard Restoration and Experimental Garden. In this project, students have been restoring an old abandoned courtyard and turning it into life zones of Northern Arizona demonstration garden, have been conducting experiments with NAU researchers on the impacts of climate change on the southwestern white pine, working on growing cryptobiotic soils for restoration projects in the region with NAU researchers, and are preparing to develop projects with local native tribes on indigenous uses of native plants.

    Our Community Partners


    SEGA TerraBirds Arb

    RiodeFlag CIMI NatureBridge


    We would like to thank our Community Partners who have made these field experiences and trips possible, as well as, all of the work in the courtyard to restore it and develop it into a place-based educational tool for our students.

    They include;


    Contact Information

    Chair and AP Biology Instructor: Linda Lenz (

    Vice Chair and AP Environmental Science Instructor: Jeff Taylor (

    Vice Chair and Outdoor Discovery Instructor: Gretchen Younghans (

Evalulating Fire Risk at Walnut Canyon NM
Courtyard Work