• "I have loved having my children attend an FUSD school. My kids have had fabulous teachers. I love the diverse environment and educational opportunities that they are getting."  - Heidi

    "FUSD has provided a well-rounded, engaging, and challenging education for my children.  Both boys have made connections with a diverse group of friends and have worked with very high caliber teachers.  I feel they have been instructed in how to learn, question, and discover.  The schools and teachers have always been receptive to my input as a parent. 

    Even though my children did not attend this particular school, I feel that Puente de Hozho is an especially positive example of educational excellence in our community.  It is very empowering to honor native languages and cultures through quality instruction.  FUSD has much to be proud of!"  - Renee 

    "While our children have both grown  and are now leading lives on their own, I still care very much about the well-being and success of every student in our community.  Education opens up endless opportunities, bridges great divides and benefits the entire community."  Steve