Who are we and what do we do?

  • FUSD has several preschool classrooms around the district that specialize in early intervention and children with special needs. At this time, Cromer is only serving the special education preschool students with an IEP. If you child has an IEP and needs to attend preschool please call us and we will get you registered. If your student has no special needs but you are looking for preschool opportunities we can place you on the waiting list for when there are opening for typically developing peers. When the spaces open up we will start at the top of our list. At this time, we are not sure when those peers will safely return to preschool. There is a head start classroom at Cromer that you can see if you qualify for as well as several private preschools within the community.

    If you have concerns about your child and need to have them tested for special education please contact the preschool evaluation team at (928) 773-4148. After the process is completed and if your student qualifies for an IEP, then we will register your child for preschool.

    Cromer Preschool

    Mrs. Lilly

    (928) 773-4150 ext. 2117