• 6 Exceptional Systems of No Excuses University

    Culture of Universal Achievement

    As members of the No Excuses University Network we, the staff of Thomas Elementary School, believe that each and every student will meet or exceed the standard in reading, writing, and mathematics. 


    Great schools have talented professionals who find the very best ways to work together in order to get results.  The committed Thomas staff have a collaborative commitment and are dedicated to achieving results through action in a professional manner. 

    Standards Alignment

    Thomas professionals align academic standards in English Language Arts and mathematics vertically. This standards alignment allows continuity from one grade level to the next, making our instruction more meaningful and purposeful


    Assessment is about our students. Our reason for assessing students is grounded in our commitment to use the information in a way that helps us to generate greater success for them.

    Data Management

    Data is given to us for one reason and one reason only, to use as a means of securing greater success for each individual student. In order for it to be used as a means of driving instruction, our data must be easily accessible, openly shared, and deliberately arranged.


    Good schools are able to take interventions and analyze their effectiveness through the use of data. Great schools, however, are able to take data and translate it directly into the creation of appropriate interventions. Real interventions occur when we offer extra support, both in and out of the classroom.


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